The Waste and Resource Management Cluster of the AIT RRC.AP has a mission to catalyse the transition to sustainable waste and resource management in Asia and the Pacific Region, and beyond. We do this by leveraging our unique policy–research interface positioning to support, promote, and inspire governments, businesses and startups and the broad relevant stakeholder in rethinking and co-development of sustainable new models of resource utilization and circular economy of materials.

AIT RRC.AP provides broad range of science informed knowledge and solutions space from which we advise national and subnational governments. The need for the creation of viable innovative solution space to support transitions to sustainable waste and resource management drives our work. Within the fast-changing global context, the Asia and Pacific Region stands at an opportune threshold to embrace new economic models that addresses sustainably models of waste and resource challenges.

These new models, by design, must support the equitable, utilization and management of material, energy and water to promote societal well-being without harm to the environment. More strongly than before, Asia and the Pacific regions are increasingly pursuing efforts to decouple domestic material utilization from human capital development. Asia Pacific region’s population giants show strong growth in materials consumption and consequently, the region’s dominance of world material flows, albeit of low material efficiency. Increasing materials intensity, without restorative and regenerative systems of waste management contribute to pressures on the environment.

There is the need for the region to develop and sustain the needed support systems to promote fundamental changes to the traditional linear take, make and dispose approach to resource utilization and waste management. Governments, business, civil societies, innovators, researchers, and all relevant stakeholders must set the stage for developing structural and systemic changes that allows a more circular economy innovative closed-loop models for waste and resource use systems can thrive.


Our philosophy

We have quite a diverse team from a broad multicultural environment with rich blend of experience and expertise to deliver impact driven results. We are bound by the core principles of exhibiting the highest standard of professionalism, integrity, and respect for diversity in our work.


Teamwork and accountability

We prioritise team agenda over individual agenda, inspiring collaborative work where individual ideas of the team members are harnessed and synthesized to reflect the team. We pride in taking ownership of responsibilities and honour commitments to deliver outputs within prescribed time, cost, and quality.


Creativity and innovation in systems

We are actively focused on improving our services delivery by becoming more effective and efficient while innovating new systems-based solutions to offer rich options for our clients.


Commitment to continuous learning

We committed to keep abreast with new and proven trends and development in waste and resource management to maintain a continuous relevance to our clients.


Technological Awareness

We continuously seek and keep our knowledge up to date on technological developments in the waste and resource management. We employ best available technologies and their applicability in contemporary waste and resource management.



In delivering our services, we are committed to critical, unbiased reviews of the best available science with professional integrity. Inclusive – Our staff are sensitive to prevailing global views on, gender, resource management and environment sustainability.